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Message From: Bonnie Jensen January 10, 2011
I appreciate all the work you are doing for the animals!

Message From: lisa December 26, 2010
thank you for standing up for those who dont have a voice.

Message From: Volunteer Connect (Brendan) December 1, 2010
Thanks for posting on our facebook page. I hope we can help you find some volunteers. It is nice to hear about events from organizations. Especially since it is in our backyard.

Message From: Miranda November 9, 2010
So glad to have OOHS around! Hoping to volunteer this winter. Keep up the great work!!! So glad to see that Stewie found a home, what a sweet boy!!!

Message From: Penny April 21, 2010
Nice job Lakeview OOHS! I like your website and look forward to working with you.

Message From: DJ Marshall January 20, 2010
Thank You OOHS Board & Volunteers for your endless work on spay/neuter projects, fundraising, food share for pets and for attending almost every Lake County event promoting Oregon Outback Humane Society (weekends, after work, holidays)...your volunteer time is priceless!

Message From: Marcell in Wyoming December 21, 2009
Great website! You do good work; love pet bios and the use of new technologies. Keep up the good work.

Message From: Susan November 14, 2009
Thank you for the oportunity to adopt Sonny. I am sooo glad his foster mother LOVES him & wanted to keep him! Keep up the good work!

Message From: April Pedersen March 7, 2009
The words “Thank You” cannot express how thankful we are of Martina who brought our dog Necco into our lives. We are so in love with him and are impressed with how smart he is. When we adopted him he did not know how to live in a house, go down stairs and was not even house broken at a year of age, or older. He is now the star student at his doggie school. He knows all of the basic commands, plus shake, high five, roll over and speak. He will do anything I ask of him. If anyone tries to take him on the leash away from me he will lay down until I get closer to him. He stays by my side at all times, and I take him everywhere with me. He gets so much attention from the public who always asks what his breed is. We still don’t really know so I respond that he is a Humane Society Mutt, and that they should go find their own at their local Humane Society. He should be a spokes mutt for adoptions. I can’t think of a better match for our family, and we are so grateful to have found (rescued) him. Thanks, April & Family

Message From: Leslie November 13, 2008
Bo (formerly known as Orion) is doing awesome! My daughter renamed him and her being a toddler quickly picked the quickest and shortest word which is Bo. He absolutely loves my daughter and my neice..and i think he finally is figuring out he does not have plumbing anymore because he doesn't seem to want to get "friendly" with our female dog, Sheila anymore(much to her happiness..LOL). He is doing great, loves to "talk" and wrestle with me, is putting on some weight in only a few days, has protected me once thinking it was a burgular (it was my husband taking out the trash) and is such a love bug. Thank you guys so much for making our family one member stronger. He's awesome!

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