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Rainbow Bridge

Gimley passed on July 1, 2009 at the place he has called home since April - his true and forever home. He was a good dog and will be missed by many, most of all by his foster mom. Regardless of his past, his life ended where he was loved for the wonderful dog he was. Gimley will be remembered swimming after ducks in the pond, daily walks up the canyon and for the joy he found playing wth his canine friends, especially Ethel. He truly found wonder and excitement in everything and often followed butterflys just to see where they were going. Gimley left this world as someones very loved dog and will be waiting for us. Till we see you again Gimley - we love you and miss you. Martina and Mark

Huckelberry, passed over the Rainbow Bridge on 09/30/2008 after spending only a month with us. Huck came to us a skinny, frightened guy who was found wandering alone near Drews Gap. As with many of the animals we care for, no one knows exactly where he came from or what his life was like before we met him. What we do know is that Huckleberry was a lover who found joy in everything. He enjoyed going on walks with us, snuggling on his doggie bed and hanging in his very own dog house. His personality was blossoming and his goofy demeanor and “welcome home” bark made it a joy to come home every night. We truly hope we gave him a good life with us, even though it was short. Whatever his circumstances before he came to us, he left this world as somebody’s beloved dog. I guess in the end that might just be enough. To love and be loved. We look forward to seeing him again someday……..

This is in memory of Burney the St Bernard. Burney was a very special dog who lived in Paisley, Oregon. He passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday - August 21, 2008 during routine surgery. He will be missed by many people as he touched so many hearts in his short time.

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